Prince of Persia - the Return of the future king

July 13, 2008

Prince of Persia is different from the old game you probably knew.

Prince of Persia was considered to be somehow a static game when dealing with its console version.. In the game you would have to avoid a series of obstacles and as the level passed you would already be used with the same old layout. You would also be confronted with lots of others annoying things that would eventually get you bored of the console version of this wonderfull game.

The new Prince of Persia: The Return of the Future King is built on the engine of Assassin’s Creed. The world is much more dynamic being an open world and all but none the less it makes up for a great gameplay. The world you will now play in will continuously change considering each and every choice you will make.

There already is a demo for Prince of Persia The Return of the King. It is called the E3 demo. It begins with the prince and his lovely companion called Elika. You both are arriving in an area infested with corruption. Prince of Persia or POP as some of you might now it by now constantly provides worthy adversaries throughout all the levels — this all makes up the traps and enemies you might encounter throught POP.

I suggest in order to get more insight to download Prince of Persia the Return of the future king and play it!

Gallery Fake

July 4, 2008

For a PSP detective game : Gallery Fake is the Hands-On approach to becoming a detective. Your job as a new detective in Bandai is to discover the forged paintings

Gallery Fake - PSP GameGallery Fake although an old game for psp is the Japanese adventure game action. Gallery Fake has many fans worldwide. It’s a game that apparently looks common but Gallery Fake provides an interesting gameplay.

The game is an adventure where you as a detective are investigating new crimes. It all starts when you as a detective discover from a recent investigation that pieces of art are being replaced by exact replicas. Working the case is all about gathering evidence like real detective work is, also you will get to deal and analyze different stories about the gallery itself.

Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution

July 4, 2008

What would seem another Civ game is presumably more than even Civ IV. If you ever considered that the pace was too slow and you found yourself becoming bored with Sid Meier’s Civilization before too long than the game Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution is the game for you.

Civilization Revolution is the newest addition to the civilization series which premieres on the next generation of consoles (360, Ps3 and Wii) as well as the DS. From all the available reviews the game seems to have a lot to offer.

The gameplay is now even more streamlined this in fact makes the game much more easier for beginners to just pick up and immediately become captivated by Civilization Revolution. But being a long time fan of the series like myslef may have its bad points. You will be somehow disappointed by the following: lack of certain resources, shorter play time, less active players per match etc. Civilization Revolution from Sid Meier provides an enjoyable experience and is a great strategy game.


Civilization Revolution for XBOX 360

Civilization - the game

Diablo 3 Official Demo LEAKED

July 3, 2008

Diablo 3 Official Demo POST was Deleted! It seems today the freedom of speech has been banned on the internet. What was merely a link towards the first release of a video of Diablo 3 Demo being played was considered by haters as a reason to make up stories and submit to Blizzard, Google, my hosting and my registrar in order to get this website down.

A sarcastic “Thank you very much!”. I was contacted today by Google saying they no longer want a partnership with our review site. I am indeed sad that Google didn’t even bother to check those claims. If they were to check they would have seen we didn’t have any copyrighted stuff listed. But I guess Google review people are very busy people. I won’t blame them but I blame the so called Diablo 3 fans outt here. Not all of you but only those with no life what so ever, those who have nothing better to do than to make threats, make up stories and try their best to put down a site because they expected a game leak not video leak.

The title said Diablo 3 Demo leak. While most of you understood that there had to be a game that was stolen or leaked from Blizzard few actually knew the real meaning of demo. Demo is short for demonstrative. Back in the old days demos were only videos. Yes, many years later we are bombarded with pc games demos: small parts of games that we can play.

Diablo 3 pc game Demo wasn’t released to the public as of 01 May 2010 and nor was it back on 3 July 2008 when I first wrote this post. Instead if you all remember Blizzard played the beta they themselves filmed it. The video is all over the place now:On youtube and on other hundreds of sites. The video of the diablo 3 game being played is not copyrighted material! So stop already with the hate mail!

Diablo 3 was officially launched and can now be purchased from any store. For more read the news here: Diablo 3 launch