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PC Games & Computer Games http://pc-games.multimedia.md Mon, 03 May 2010 18:07:01 +0000 http://backend.userland.com/rss092 en Prince of Persia - the Return of the future king Prince of Persia is different from the old game you probably knew. Prince of Persia was considered to be somehow a static game when dealing with its console version.. In the game you would have to avoid a series of obstacles and as the level passed you would already be ... http://pc-games.multimedia.md/games/prince-of-persia.html Gallery Fake For a PSP detective game : Gallery Fake is the Hands-On approach to becoming a detective. Your job as a new detective in Bandai is to discover the forged paintings Gallery Fake although an old game for psp is the Japanese adventure game action. Gallery Fake has many fans worldwide. It's ... http://pc-games.multimedia.md/psp/gallery-fake.html Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution What would seem another Civ game is presumably more than even Civ IV. If you ever considered that the pace was too slow and you found yourself becoming bored with Sid Meier's Civilization before too long than the game Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution is the game for you. Civilization Revolution is ... http://pc-games.multimedia.md/xbox360/civilization-revolution.html Diablo 3 Official Demo LEAKED Diablo 3 Official Demo POST was Deleted! It seems today the freedom of speech has been banned on the internet. What was merely a link towards the first release of a video of Diablo 3 Demo being played was considered by haters as a reason to make up stories and ... http://pc-games.multimedia.md/games/diablo-3-official-demo-leaked.html The Political Machines 2008 The Political Machines is not just another small game but it is a game about politics. It’s very funny and very real inspired from the real life. To be able to play and enjoy the political game you don't need a powerfull hardware configuration. DESCRIPTION for The Political Machine 2008: The Political ... http://pc-games.multimedia.md/games/the-political-machines-2008.html Iron Man Sega published Artificial Mind's long awaited action game: Iron Man Controlling Iron Man in this new thrilling action on his missions is similar to a standard first-person shooter, from the keyboard: the WASD keys and with the mouse, you can pan the camera and fire the weapon. Being Iron Man is ... http://pc-games.multimedia.md/games/iron-man.html Superbike World ChampionShip 2008 SBK 08 Superbike is a smile for all fans of racing bikes, motorcycles and racing games alike. If you started feeling the rush already you give this superbike game a spin. This is the official World Championship superbike game for the year 2008. Racing in the championship is thrilling you ... http://pc-games.multimedia.md/games/superbike-2008-sbk08.html Half Life 2 Episode One Half-Life 2: Episode One is the first game episode of HL2, the popular and acclaimed shooter epic. This episode takes place right after the events in HL2 and is part of a series in which each half life episode is stand alone and doesn't depend on the previous version. To continue ... http://pc-games.multimedia.md/games/half-life-2-episode-one.html UEFA EURO 2008 UEFA EURO 2008 captures the look and feel of the journey from qualification to the finals . Uefa euro 2008 has new rain and mud dynamics that impact playing conditions making the game play of this football game more interesting. Euro 2008 offers ... http://pc-games.multimedia.md/games/uefa-euro-2008.html Stronghold Crusader Extreme Stronghold Crusader Extreme is a great strategy game. The gameplay of the game Stronghold Crusader Extreme is a simple combination of city building and real-time strategy. In this new stronghold game you play a warlord during the historic time of the crusades and as a powerful leader of your own people ... http://pc-games.multimedia.md/games/stronghold-crusader-extreme.html