Serious Sam Gold

June 13, 2008

Serious Sam Gold

Seriously it’s true re-live this truly epic FPS whose serious engine made it possible for vast environments and hundreds of enemies to be present with out the painful video lag all gamers loathe. So pull out your double-barrel and get ready for a brutal, ass-kicking good time!

This game package from Serious Sam creators is a simple game pack featuring 1st+2nd Encounter of the game Serious Sam. If you want to play the game I recommend you download a game demo first for Serious Sam 1st Encounter and then for Serious Sam the second Encounter.

Arctic Rush

April 27, 2008

Version 1.33 of this wonderfull shareware pc computer game.

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From arcade studio:

- Pentium 2 Celeron class processor
- Video accelerator
- DirectX 8.0 installed

Arctic Rush is distributed as a self-installing program
containing the following file:

arush_setup.exe - self-installing executable file

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