Half Life 2 Episode One

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Half Life 2 Episode 1
Half-Life 2: Episode One is the first game episode of HL2, the popular and acclaimed shooter epic. This episode takes place right after the events in HL2 and is part of a series in which each half life episode is stand alone and doesn’t depend on the previous version.

To continue the time line of Half Life 2 : HL2 , as Gordon and Alyx flee from City 17 (as it was called), fighting against creatures who were previous blocked from entering the city. You just assaulted a citadel in HL2 and all is slowly being turned into living chaos. All what is happening in this world of Half Life Epsiode 1 will have catastrophic effects on the surrounding area. This is just one of the many signs urging you to find a way to escape this Half Life. In Episode One of Half Life 2 Alyx and Dog have a much more significant role then they had in Half Life 2 ( HL2 ).


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