Iron Man

June 19, 2008 · Print This Article

Sega published Artificial Mind’s long awaited action game: Iron Man

Controlling Iron Man in this new thrilling action on his missions is similar to a standard first-person shooter, from the keyboard: the WASD keys and with the mouse, you can pan the camera and fire the weapon.

Being Iron Man is reduced at mastering your way into the air, to fly in the game press and hold the space bar to hover and increase the height at which iron man is flying. Iron man can increase his speed by pressing Shift, while Alt in the game activates the afterburners on your iron man suit, this in turn gives more than a boost in your speedy quest. It feels pretty cool when you hit top speed and just as iron man starts his jets toward the stratosphere, you are held back by the game so you can’t wonder off to much.

While you have full jet power activated on the iron man robot costume the gameplay consists of gliding around shooting and you are the super hero that you wanted to. The game doesn’t have to good reviews but I recommend you get into the Iron Man suit !

pictures from Iron Man game


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