Prince of Persia - the Return of the future king

July 13, 2008

Prince of Persia is different from the old game you probably knew.

Prince of Persia was considered to be somehow a static game when dealing with its console version.. In the game you would have to avoid a series of obstacles and as the level passed you would already be used with the same old layout. You would also be confronted with lots of others annoying things that would eventually get you bored of the console version of this wonderfull game.

The new Prince of Persia: The Return of the Future King is built on the engine of Assassin’s Creed. The world is much more dynamic being an open world and all but none the less it makes up for a great gameplay. The world you will now play in will continuously change considering each and every choice you will make.

There already is a demo for Prince of Persia The Return of the King. It is called the E3 demo. It begins with the prince and his lovely companion called Elika. You both are arriving in an area infested with corruption. Prince of Persia or POP as some of you might now it by now constantly provides worthy adversaries throughout all the levels — this all makes up the traps and enemies you might encounter throught POP.

I suggest in order to get more insight to download Prince of Persia the Return of the future king and play it!